Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Jersey and the New Jersey Turnpike Theory of Business Management.

New Jersey is a great place. Nice people, nice topography, and a lot of fun things to do to pass the time. From the Jersey shore to the northern mountains to the Pine Barrens, I always enjoy myself in New Jersey. Furthermore, New Jersey is home to many that are near and dear to me. I spend a significant portion of my available time in New Jersey.

In general, the New Jersey Turnpike is a well-kept road. I traverse the turnpike frequently. However, at peak travel times the NJ Turnpike can barely fulfill its purpose on a busy day as the road can not handle the amount of traffic to which it is exposed at many spots along the turnpike, to which I and millions of others can attest.

So I have deduced the following theory of business management which I have dubbed the New Jersey Turnpike Theory of Business Management. This theory of business management could also affectionately be called the General Motors or Chrysler theory of business management as well. This theory of business management seems to subscribe to something in keeping with the following: Utilize an asset and squeeze it for all its worth for a multitude of years on-end while essentially investing in no significant capital improvements. Regardless of any amount of time passage, continue to leverage the asset until the cash inflow no longer covers the expenses of operations – again, and of course, with no significant capital improvements. At which point, when expenses surpass revenues, pass the asset along to the U.S. Federal government and allow the U.S. tax-payers to pay for the much needed capital improvements to bring the asset back to a viable entity in keeping with its purpose in the modern / current times.

Otherwise, the Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Atlantic City Expressway are good roads in good condition. Nearly every other road in the state appears to be in poor to miserable condition - including interstates, US Highways, and state and county routes. Overall letter grade of "C -" for the roads in the State of New Jersey.


Afterthought, Sept. 2nd, 2010: It appears that the NJ Turnpike is making some capital improvements. However, the last I was there, I was unable to determine if the road is being widened as necessary or if the Turnpike Authority is merely adding another exit.

January 3rd, 2011:
Yes, in deedy! The NJ Turnpike is being widened - long overdue but a welcome site to everyone in the Bos-Wash megaplex, no doubt, nevertheless! Seems as though the overpasses are being replaced with new ones to span the greater distance to accommodate the wider turnpike as well! Woo-hoo!! Looks as though I may have to change the name of this theory of business management. (Additionally, this update maybe a bit overdue.)