Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LA Freeways! Dig It..., and Drive!

When you’re looking for some real fun, go out and zoom-around the Los Angeles (“LA”) Freeway System in Southern California!  There are plenty of routes through interesting terrain/scenery, landmarks, suburbs, and urban areas. All these routes can be traveled in big loops as well.  I usually prefer to take it slow and easy and also prefer to drive in the evening or night time (b/c less traffic).  But if you’re more the gamer-type, you can zoom-around however you prefer – like a video game in real-life and there will be other jockeys out there playin’ too (give it a few minutes and you will see).  But watch-out for the trucks, occasional narrow lanes and slow-moving traffic, and be aware that traffic-jams are possible at any place and at any time.  For myself…, again, I prefer to just take it easy and have fun driving around – it’s safer and cheaper on gas too!  Believe it or not, zooming-around the LA Freeways is one of my favorite ways to pass the time!

Don’t forget how the roads around here like to play games with the tourists and non-locals in that one often never knows what side of the road the exit-ramp off the freeway is located, what side of the road the on-ramp to the freeway is located, and/or how the exit-ramp for any given street doesn’t necessarily drop you on to that street – you may have to take a right or left turn at the end of the exit-ramp to get to the named street of the exit, and also be aware how the laughs continue in that any given lane might become an exit-only or turning-only lane.  But if you have out-of-state license plates or are obviously driving a rental car, the locals usually will cut you some slack, contrary to what others might say.  Whatever you do, however, don’t go too slow and impede traffic, especially in the ‘car-pool’ lanes. Because if you do impede traffic too badly or subjectively go too slow – even with no traffic, it’s likely even the Cal. Highway Patrol will get mad at you!!  (See: To Slay a ‘Law’ – Papachristou Style. VC 22400; located at:  .)

As a driver on these roadways it’s best to properly behave and always be in control of one’s vehicle as well.  Because, with all that being said above, also remember there are plenty of black-and-white vehicles out there too. That is, cars painted with white doors and black fenders and typically adorned with lots o’external multi-colored lights of red, blue and yellow. Hopefully this will also a moot point, but any damage you do – albeit reckless or otherwise, be an adult about it all and face-the-music and make it right if at all possible – should such ever happen!

And, hey…, even when the worst thing happens and you get stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic-jam that’s more than 25 miles on-end , you can people-watch with all the other folks in the other cars alongside you and remind yourself that you must be in the right place, ‘cause all these other folks are there with you too!  :)  Have fun (and don’t hurt anyone, please)!

AVT  (May, 2015)

PS.  (Addendum Date: August, 2015.) ‘Cause, I mean…, even the most creative video game designer would never think to design a pit-fall into his/her car-driving video game of the scenario that if the wild-fire jumps the freeway and you happen to be driving at that place where any fire jumps the freeway on which you are driving, you then get stuck in traffic-jam in the middle of the fire and smoke on the freeway, your car in the video-game then burns, and:  YOU LOSE!!!  (But should any video game companies be looking for new, wild, and creative ideas:  HERE I AM!  Don’t all of you video game companies and big-wigs come knocking-down my door at the same time, mind you.)  :)      (See: “Dozens of cars set ablaze as wildfire jumps California freeway”, located at: ; “Wildfire Burns Cars On California Freeway, Fire on the highway”, located at:;  and, “Wildfire sweeps across California freeway, burns cars”, located at: .)


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