Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dancing Joshua Trees Under a Blue Moon for the New Year and New Decade

Dec. 31st, 2009

To begin the new decade and the New Year and to say goodbye to the last, the metaphysical powers-that-be have given us a blue moon to mark the event. If you happen to be anywhere near the region where the Mohave Desert meets and mingles with the Colorado Desert in the southwestern United States, beware of the tribes of dancing Joshua trees and the huge clusters of partying rocks. It has been said that in this mystical and magical region of the earth that the Joshua trees and the rocks seem to animate themselves and come-to-life under a full moon. After all, the early settlers passing through this region didn’t name these trees after a person for no reason, let alone that person being their prophet. So, given it is a no less a blue moon for the passing of the decade, one would think that if the rocks and Joshua trees were to ever come to life, such would happen on this cusp of calendar years that we will call New Years Eve 2010. I hope to be given the chance to blog more on this subject in the decade to follow. And, I hope that we are all here in good health to enjoy life and my blog in the new decade as well. :)

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