Thursday, June 2, 2016

Have Fun! Visit Santa Barbara, California!

When one is looking to get away to a fun and unique place, a trip to Santa Barbara, California, never fails to fulfill that desire.  Santa Barbara is a fantastic place with beautiful scenery, fantastic climate, and friendly people.  There is plenty to do in the Santa Barbara region, from shopping and wine tasting to numerous festivals and events throughout the year.  The photos shown above were taken at the Santa Barbara Mission during its annual Chalk-Art Festival, for anyone who is wondering.   For other festivals and events in Santa Barbara, check out the City’s websites ( ,; or just search Santa Barbara Festivals on the internet (such as: ).  

Whenever one is looking to get away, I would always recommend a journey to Santa Barbara!  If you should need a tour guide, feel free to contact me.  I’m nearly always available to visit Santa Barbara!  :)

Adam Trotter (June, 2016)

U2- California (There Is No End to Love) (Official-Unofficial) Music Video