Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Antiquing: Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

June, 2011

If one is looking for antiques or merely wants to look at antiques, there is no better place for such than Adamstown, Pennsylvania. Adamstown probably has more antique stores and antiques malls per square mile than anywhere else. What’s more, just one of the antiques malls in Adamstown could consume an entire day of roaming around and looking at the items for sale. However, depending on the time of year and the economy, it’s best to go on the weekend as all of the mall/stores are not always open everyday. Nevertheless, Adamstown is a great place to look for antiques.

Just so that you are aware, most of the antiques dealers know the value of what they are selling so the items are not always cheap – as you might find in garage sales and such. However, if you are seeking any antique items in particular and can’t make it to Adamstown, contact me: Adam, and let me know what you are seeking. I’m always willing to go to Adamstown and rummage through the wares in the stores.


Sight-see and Explore: Northwestern New York State.

June, 2011

When in the northeastern portion of the United States and one is seeking unique topography and interesting scenery, I suggest visiting and staying in the Rochester, New York area and setting-out on day/road trips from there. Be sure to take a ride down the easy-to-drive and interesting Lake Ontario State Parkway and definitely stop at one of the many state park areas which feature beaches on the massive Lake Ontario. From there, follow New York State Route 18 to Niagara Falls – which we all know is always worth a visit. Also from Rochester, it is an easy drive down Interstate 390 to New York’s Letchworth State Park – the “Grand Canyon of the East,” of which I have previously blogged. Northwestern New York State is always a fun trip regardless of the season of the year.


(The first two photos are of a state park along Lake Ontario. The next two photos are of Letchworth State Park. The final photo is of Taughannock Falls.)

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Get Away, Sight-see, and Relax in Southern New Hampshire.

June, 2011 (Photos from Early Spring)

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, I suggest you take a trip and stay a while in Southern (/Southwestern) New Hampshire. In this region there is plenty of inspiring scenery and interesting villages, hamlets, cities and towns to explore. Also, there are plenty of enjoyable day trips over fun-to-drive scenic routes in the area - check out some of the wineries, farm stores, and water-ways along the way. I also suggest you have lunch and go for a walk in downtown Manchester and/or Keene. Reasonable rates for lodging accommodations are often to be had during off-season at several of the many ski resorts. The people in this region are friendly, open, and appear to welcome tourists. If you have time, you can also make an excursion to Northern Massachusetts or across the Connecticut River to Vermont. Again, Southern New Hampshire is an enjoyable place to spend some time in a serene and low-hassle environment.


(The first photo is from the Sunapee Mountains region. The second photo is Lake Sunapee. The last photo is the Merrimack River in Manchester.)