Monday, April 8, 2013

Cruise to Catalina, California!

When you are looking to get away to some place interesting and fun, take the relaxing and interesting hour long cruise to Avalon (or Two Harbors) on Catalina Island (Santa Catalina Island is the official name, I believe).  When you are there in Avalon, be sure to hike up the hill to see the Wrigley Memorial (of the chewing gum family) and the Wrigley Gardens.  When I was there, we just walked.  But if you are traveling with those that cant walk a few miles, then rent an electric golf cart type of vehicle, take the trolley, or taxis are available too.  On the way to the memorial, stop in a one of the many restaurants and shops in Avalon. Make sure to check out the Island Nature Conservancy Visitors Center along the way up the hill.  If you have the time, there is reportedly pretty good surf on the west side of the island.

Catalina is an interesting place full of friendly and warm individuals.  It has an interesting history and a geological story to tell as well. It is well worth the trip.  Oh, yea, by the way, the ride on the Catalina Express is free if it’s your birthday.  Great fun.  A good day all around!  Check it out sometime!

AVT  (March, 2013)

Catalina Express

Check out the baby chicks with the eagle's nest cam:

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