Saturday, August 11, 2012

No ‘Fly-Over States’ on My Maps

August 11th, 2012

At the end of May/early June, I completed another coast to coast roadtrip.  (I’m aware that I’m a little overdue for this blog.)  As always, I greatly enjoyed the drive and the journey.  I drove from the Long Beach, California area to the Southern New Jersey area and then on to the Boston, Massachusetts area.  While I enjoyed my usual favorites of the Mojave Desert, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the most impressive states of this past sojourn were Oklahoma and Indiana. 

I greatly enjoyed Oklahoma because I often drive though that state at night and I had not realized how beautiful that state can be – as it was very impressive during this last roadtrip.  

Indiana, on the other hand, presented very friendly and helpful people as I experienced a minor vehicle problem (my windshield-wiper linkage sort of came apart in a construction zone amid big trucks and during a light rain).  The good folks at Fuson Automotive (a GMC dealer in Terre Haute, Indiana) then squeezed me in their early morning schedule and fixed my vehicle quickly and at a very minimal cost.  As such, I would highly recommend them to others (

This latest ride across the nation was a lot of fun.  As all my friends know, I prefer to not fly-over any states, by the way.  

Odd, though, how the two states which impressed me the most during this last roadtrip are two of the states mentioned in the song/video that speaks of “fly-over states.”  See:  Jason Aldean - "Fly Over States", located at

Let me know if you are interested in joining me on the next ride across which could be very soon.  :)