Thursday, December 31, 2020

666,666 Miles to Look for the New Jersey Devil




During the witching hour on a winter’s night which included a thirteenth full moon of the year, I set out to locate a possible mile-marker of a demon, the New Jersey Devil.  Leading up to the six-hundred and sixty-sixth thousand, six-hundred and sixty-sixth mile of my vehicle (i.e.: 666,666 miles), I had been experiencing an odd sensation.  The sensation was of not being alone, although no one else was with me.  So, just in case the presence was any bit demonic, I stayed within a stone’s throw of an old favored church from long ago for the mileage event to pass.   However, I didn’t see the demon.  But I enjoyed a nice night ride out into the pines, and that’s ok.

AVT  (December 2020) 

For some photos of the pines, see: Pine Barrens / Pinelands National Reserve of Southern New Jersey . Also see: 8200 Miles in 3-1/2 Weeks.


PS.  Odd how it was so difficult to clearly photograph the odometer reading at this mileage - no matter how I took the photo.