Monday, September 2, 2013

To’hajiilee, Zzyzx, and Zuzax Roads.

If one is fortunate enough to find themself in the American Southwest and sees a freeway exit for To’hajiilee, Zzyzx, or Zuzax Roads, I suggest you follow the exit and take in your surroundings.  More than just odd names, these three roads seem to lead to special places that could border on magical as well – go there yourself to see why. 

To’hajiilee and Zuzax are outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, while Zzyzx is in the California Mojave Desert between Barstow and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Should one decide to explore any of these roads and these places and then venture further into what may appear as desolate or uninhabited terrain, make sure you have plenty of gas, water, and food; just in case.  These are fantastic places to cleanse one’s soul.  However, the wilderness can be just as unforgiving to the unprepared who are not smart enough to respect the powers of nature.  But aside from the warning, these places offer great fun for exploring as well as escaping the realities of everyday life.  These locales also offer potential learning experiences to all.  Again, go there for yourself someday to find out why.  You likely be glad you made the drive.

AVT (Aug., 2013)