Friday, August 12, 2011

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

August, 2011

On the list of the many great coastal beach locations and vacation destinations in the United States, the Outer Banks of North Carolina is surely near the top of the list. The Outer Banks barrier islands offer many great beaches and scenic viewpoints in a laid-back, family-oriented and friendly style. The Outer Banks also make for a very cool ride/drive as they stretch for a couple hours of driving from north to south - there are even off-road spots to drive if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle

Foremost, the Outer Banks (OBX) are known for the nice and clean beaches, hot sun, and warm waters that typically last well into the fall. Another really cool OBX destination is the dunes of Jockey's Ridge State Park. However, when in the Outer Banks, be sure to visit the wildlife regions of the Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore and the really cool wildlife refuges on Pea Island. When here in OBX, among many other things, one can also visit the memorial in Kitty Hawk to the first flight of the Wright Brothers (who were from Ohio but made their first successful flight in Kitty Hawk), tour the OBX lighthouses, or take a short ride over to Roanoke Island to visit the famous location of the lost English colony. Wherever one may travel on the Outer Banks, they will surely enjoy themselves.

Adam Trotter / AVT

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore

Jockey's Ridge State Park

Are Ghosts of Lost Civilizations Calling to Me?