Monday, January 24, 2011

Ocean City, Maryland, During the Winter

January 23rd, 2011

Ocean City (OC), Maryland – on the DelMarVa peninsula - is a fun place with lots of interesting things to do to pass the time. This place has a nice vast beach with deep sand, an impressive boardwalk, lots of nightlife, and alot of tourist attractions. OC is a place in which I spent much time during my younger years. In the summertime, however, this place can become quite popular and crowded, particularly on the weekends. So, such is one of several reasons why I have always enjoyed visiting OC during the wintertime. While the water and air temperatures are typically too cold for body surfing or lounging and sunning on the beach, OC is a great place to get way during the winter. No crowds and plenty of space to wander.

From D.C. or Baltimore, merely drive across the Chesapeake Bay and follow the main road east till you can’t go any further.

Adam Trotter / AVT