Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Jersey to Long Island, I - 295, NJ Turnpike, NJ - 440, Outer Bridge Crossing, NY - 440, Staten Island Expressway, Belt Parkway, Southern State

April 22nd, 2010

Interesting, fun, memorable items worth noting: Parts of this ride are quite enjoyable. For example, the northern portion of I - 295 in New Jersey is interesting scenery (especially during fall foliage). New Jersey Turnpike is always interesting, but of course way under designed (see: ). 440 on both sides of the state line is cool because its leading you towards Gotham and Long Island, but it is in horrible condition, even in light of typical roads conditions these days. Outerbridge Crossing is cool for a view, but nearly nightmare-ish through the narrow portion (but still better than the Goethals Bridge). Verrazanno Narrows Bridge is impressive and onto the Belt Parkway one goes. Of course, the Belt Parkway, like most of the greater NYC roadways is also horribly under-designed. Southern State is a nice ride if traffic is not too fierce. And, when traffic is extremely bad during any portion of this journey, one can always people watch or look to say hello to others in the traffic jam with you - there typically will be many others .

Overall roadway conditions grade for this journey: 'D+'

I mean..., what's with our governments? They want no one to drive onto any of the islands in New York? Why not build a new bridge or tunnel or two? Why must we be dependent on these access routes that are nearly 60+ years old? Do the governments of our land not care? Apparently not, unfortunately.

Adam Trotter / AVT